Sports massage is combination of relaxation massage and deep tissue massage, along with other massage techniques tailored to Sportsing injuries or physical ailments.

Sports Massage treats specific muscle dysfunction for an athlete by lengthening and stretching, improves mobility or range of motion – using both active and passive joints movement, prevent common sports injuries, muscle soreness and fatigue from the training and competition.

It stimulates the lymph circulation and loosen the muscle fibres that have bound together to create a soft, pliable scar tissue. It decreases friction and removes toxins and acids.

Sports massage for athletes is designed to increase endurance and enhance athlete performance, as well as to reduce the recovery time from the sports related injury. It reduces stress and depression before and after the performance or competition.

There are four types of sports massage treatment to enhance athlete performance:

1. Pre-event (one or two day prior performance / competition)
2. Inter-event (during performance / competition)
3. Immediate-event (immediately after performance / competition)
4. Post-event (one or two day after performance / competition)

Sports massage is not only beneficial for athletes, professional sports people or people that exercise heavily – It can be beneficial for anyone that does regular exercise or physical activity, such as walking or running.